5 Ideas For Handmade Party Invitations

Handmade party invitations add a special touch to any party and make a wonderful activity to enjoy with your children who will then be able to hand them out to their friends with pride knowing that they made them themselves.

It is easy to come up with some original ideas to make your own invitations. Of course, and invitation doesn’t need to be on paper, you can use things from nature as well as items from around the house, or purchase craft items from the store to get the look you want.

Here are 5 easy handmade party invitations that you can make very easily together with your child.

1. Photograph It:
Write your invitation on a large piece of card and get your party child to hold it in front of themselves with a big cheesy smile on their face. Take a picture, print them on your home computer or through your local photo processing in standard 10 x 15 cm size. Laminate them for extra strength, or glue to colored card.

2. Flip Flop It:
The humble flip flop is great for summer pool parties, beach parties or anything with a tropical theme. Pick up some colored flip flops from a discount store. You can write the invitation on the sole with a marker pen, or use the flip flop as a template and draw around it on a piece of colored card. Cut out the flip flop shape, write the invite and decorate before sticking onto the sole of the flip flop. You could even use this as a basis for a game whereby each child has to find out who has their matching flip flop by sitting in a circle and asking each other questions with yes or no answers like the game ‘Who Am I?’

3. Inflate It:
Balloons are extremely cheap to buy and very easy to use as an invitation. Write the invitation on regular 80gsm paper, roll it up into a scroll and insert the invitation inside the balloon. Now blow it up and deliver to your guests with the words POP ME! written in marker pen. It’s even more appealing if you can inflate with helium and tie with colored ribbon. Imagine your child turning up at school with a bunch of balloons for all their friends to stomp on, great fun!

4. Age It:
I’m sure you’ve all at one time or another made a pirate map, you know the kind, the ones with the burnt edges, perhaps when you were at school yourself. Well a better and safer way to get the aged look onto a pirate map for example is to make up a tray of tea, no milk or sugar required of course. Just soak a few tea bags in a tray of water and then drop sheets of regular paper into the water nice and flat. You don’t need to soak for too long, we don’t want the paper to disintegrate. Take out and hang on the line with a peg to dry. You now have the basis for a beautiful handmade party invitation with an authentically old look. Write on it with a fine marker pen in a loopy old fashioned way; perfect for any pirate party.

5. Puzzle It:
Take your invitation, either hand written, printed or one of those ones you can buy in a pad. After writing, glue to a piece of card stock. On the back create a jigsaw puzzle effect by either drawing odd shapes or mimicking a traditional jigsaw design. Now cut up the invitation accordingly and pop all the pieces in an envelope. Your little guests will need to put the invitation together in order to read it.

Sarah Gasu has been organizing theme parties for kids for 15 years and really believes in giving her parties that personal touch by creating original hand made party invitations and party mementos that are so gorgeous they are worthy keepsakes for any scrapbook. If you would like to download a unique invitation template from Sarah’s personal collection each month go to her website => The Party Mums and sign up for her mailing list now.

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