A Handmade Gold Jewelry Business

If you are good with your hands, enjoy making jewelry and understand how to work with gold, than trying your skills at handmade gold jewelry might be a good career choice. Gold jewelry is always popular with everyone. It is sometimes easier to work with than stones and beads and the residual is very rewarding. A handmade gold jewelry business is a good way to get a start in a higher end jewelry business. If you start out small and try to keep your overhead low, you should stay in business for a long time.


The biggest expense you will have with a handmade gold jewelry business is the gold itself. You must find a gold broker and make a deal with them to buy your gold at the lowest price possible. Starting your business out of your home is another way to keep your expense down. There will be no need to pay rent or utilities somewhere when you can work in your home. You can begin advertising on your own website. There is a onetime expense in finding someone who can design your site, but everything can still be managed under one roof.

The majority of your time and money can be spent on your handmade gold jewelry. You can always rent booths on the weekends at jewelry shows and other arts and crafts shows. This is a great way to sell inventory. People always are looking to buy jewelry at these shows. Your biggest expense here will be the booth rental fee and that is usually made up in the jewelry pieces you sell. Handmade gold jewelry is especially popular at these shows. People love to buy jewelry directly from the artists who make them.


A handmade gold jewelry business can be very lucrative and rewarding if marketed in the right manner. There are many genres of jewelry such as estate jewelry, vintage jewelry and couture jewelry. When you decide on a style for your handmade gold jewelry, then you need to brand yourself with it. Gold jewelry is always in demand and handmade gold jewelry is on top of the list.

Handmade gold jewelry can look like pieces of art if marketed correctly. Selling to select jewelry stores is a good way to make yourself exclusive. As your name gets known, you can increase your prices and make yourself a tidy bundle. It takes some thought and a simple, but strict marketing plan, and the small handmade gold jewelry business that you began in your home will turn into something very big.

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