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Composting is a great way to help save the environment and enrich the soil in your garden at the same time. But composting is so much more than putting your grass clippings and other yard waste into a pile in the corner of your yard. Material that can be composted extends far beyond garden clippings.

Composting is basically organic material breaking down to become a nutrient rich additive for soil. It creates a healthy atmosphere for plants to grown. Composting occurs naturally in the world around us. Think of the floor of a forest, there is organic material in various stages of decay all around. This makes an ideal start for the new plants that grow in the forest.

Unfortunately, the same process doesn’t occur very much in our own yards because we keep them nice and neat most of the time. However, making your own compost pile in a corner of your yard will allow you to have access to the same type of rich, organic material that is found on the forest floor. Your compost area can be a simple pile or you can use a compost container. Just make sure you turn either your pile or the container often to keep it well mixed and to speed up the decaying process.

When it comes to material to add to your compost pile, most people think only of yard waste. Things like grass clippings, leaves, plant cuttings, etc. However, there is so much more that can be composted. Almost anything that will break fairly quickly in nature can go in your pile. There is a lot of kitchen waste that is perfect for composting.

You can compost things such as:

Egg Shells
Produce trimmings and peelings
Cardboard egg cartons
Paper sacks

In addition to finding things in the kitchen to compost, there are many things around the house and office than can be added to a compost heap.

A few of those things are:

Newspapers (don’t use the glossy ads)
Discarded computer and copy paper
Shredded paper

When you are composting paper, it is best if you tear it up so it will compost faster. Don’t add envelopes with plastic windows or you will have bits of plastic in your compost. Shredded paper is one of the best things to add. It breaks down very quickly, but you need to make sure and bury it down into the pile so it doesn’t blow away.

The secret to great compost is to make sure it is made up of a variety of materials. Don’t rely solely on one type of organic matter. Mix it up for the best results. Add a balanced of green material like yard clippings, kitchen waste, and mix in a bit of paper waste as well.

Don’t send your compostable waste to the landfill, use it to make your garden soil healthier. It is amazing the difference composting can make in your yard and for the environment!

Cecil enjoys working in the garden and spending time with his family. He uses a stainless steel utility cart to hold his tools in the workshop. He loves the convenience of folding utility carts to make all work around the house a little easier!

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