Handmade Artisan Owned Jewelry

Not everybody can do this, but the best way is to work directly with the people making the jewelry and the product they make goes directly to your front-door, displayed and ready to be enjoyed. The highest quality handmade jewelry is often produced in these small village cottage industry communities since the work tends to be made of local quality materials and artisan owned jewelry handmade tends to be unique and distinctive A great way to stand out and create your own style is with artisan-owned fair trade jewelry and fashion accessories.

Artisan-owned jewelry? Simply put, it’s made by members of crafts communities who create their own regional and traditional wares like handmade jewelry, utensils, clothing and even foodstuffs.

For people who are interested in supporting these handcraft production communities often refer to a fair trade logo or certification as the best way to ensure the merchandise they purchase was ethically made, and not simply the product of a large business that treats its workers poorly or pays them too low of a wage to live on.

One of the best features of fair trade jewelry handmade by authentic craftspeople is the fact that you get high quality goods. These aren’t just some products that were made in a factory somewhere, there is real heart and soul in every piece that is produced and every piece is truly unique and one of a kind. It makes all the difference to know that you’re wearing a meaningful piece of jewelry, as opposed to something that was made anonymously in a factory you’ve never heard of, for NO other reason than the profit to be made selling the piece to you. Where exactly can you purchase ethical fair trade jewelry handmade by natives of developing communities?

That’s a great question and it’s an important one to know the answer to since some businesses are not very considerate of the economic well-being of the producers. For example, some stores might sell apparent fair trade jewelry items, but unless they are certified by the fair trade organization, there is no way of really telling. For all you know they were made in a factory in East Asia. Even if they are certified artisan-owned handmade, you still have to make sure that this certification is worth something, because the fair trade certification inspectors can not possibly be everywhere all the time.

Ethnic handcrafted jewelry made of natural materials and accordingly to native tradition, some of the most unique handcrafted jewelry you could ever wear, but how do you make sure it is authentic? http://handcrafted-ethnic-jewelry.com/ How can you tell if something is a genuine product of independent artisans, or, if it is just more merchandise trying to get your money? http://artisan-owned-jewelry-handmade.com/

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