How to Handmade Fabric Handbags

Fabric handbags are quite affordable and unique since you can combine different fabrics to create different colors and styles. Secondly, they make excellent gifts because handmade fabric women handbags give a personal touch unlike those which are made in mass production. Besides, they are also washable, durable and fit for all occasions. Some of the materials for fabric bags are:

Cotton is one of the most durable materials for designer handbags. It is also one of the most preferred fabric materials and is easy to wash.
Jute: Jute is easy to produce, handle and pack. Rating third after cotton and hemp, it is also one of the most important vegetable fibers in the world. It is often combined with other fabrics to make one distinctive material which gives a lively and unique look.
Satin: When you think of evening bags, images of beautiful satin bags may pop up in you mind. They are also known as ornamental bags. Since they come in small sizes, there is room for only a few things like your keys, combs, cosmetics, etc. The fabric which is used in satin bags resembles silk which is a special fabric. Satin bags are trendy accessories and the person using it is considered to be quite stylish.
Denim: Denim is not usually considered to be a chic material for handbags. However, the fabric is quite durable, useful and reliable which makes it convenient to carry heavy books, office belongings or something that will stand up for the regular wear and tear.

These are some of the basic materials for handmade fabric handbags. Now, you may own some of the handbags made of these materials. What about making your own fabric handbag. For starters, you can make fabric handbags out of placemats. These are available in a variety of solid colors, as well as in prints and plaids. You can assemble a placemat bag without any hassle and this enables you to have a women handbag for every outfit. If you get bored with one design just remove the handles and buy another placemat . Here is what you have to do:

Step 1
Measure the width of the placemat and cut the interface accordingly. The length of the interface should be one inch shorter than the length of the placemat.

Step 2
Place the interface on the opposite side of the placemat which will be the inside of the handbag. Leave half an inch of the placemat visible both at the top and the bottom.

Step 3
Iron the interface to the placemat and stitch the top and the bottom of it with the placemat.

Step 4
Now you can attach handles to the placemat. Attach one at the top and one at the bottom of the placemat. Make sure they are in a straight line. The method of attaching the handle will depend upon what type of handle you choose. Some may require to be attached by hand and some to be machine stitched.

Step 5
Now, fold the placemat in such a way that the inside of the bag is facing out and the handles are facing each other along both sides of the handbag. Machine stitch ΒΌ inch seam.

Step 6
Turn the bag inside out and your handmade handbags is ready.

This is only a basic example and there are scores of other methods with which you can make your own women shoulder handbags. You can choose your own patterns, textures and designs to suit your style and tastes. So, make some handmade fabric women handbags and gift them to yourself and your loved ones. They are sure to be a hit with them.

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