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Kids are always excited to welcome Halloween when they can roam the street for trick or treat with their scariest or cutest costumes. Go shopping around stores and you can find plenty of commercial-made costumes. However, they are expensive and some are even dull-looking. And as soon as your child hit the streets for trick or treat, a lot of children will be dressing the way he does. All these are the drawbacks of buying a costume. Why not create your child’s costume if you have an artistic side on you?

Handmade costumes are inexpensive and most of all you can channel out the artistic energy in you. However, thinking for the most unique and most creative handmade costume that will suit your kid is a hurdle. To save you from more time, here are two simple handmade dresses you can create out of stuffs from your home.

Dress your little girl like a flower garden. This cute handmade costume needs only few items, easy to make and definitely looks great as soon as finished. Your cute little girl will surely be the talk of the town with this handmade dress. All you need are brown or green pants, shirt, hat or hairspray, fresh or artificial flowers, safety pins, glue gun and body paint.

To start with the handmade costume, use safety pins or glue guns to stick the flowers to the pants, shirt and hat. Although fresh flowers are beautiful but at the end of the night you do not want your child to withered in his handmade dress. After which, put on the handmade costume paint exposed skin and face with body paint. As for the hat, clip flowers into it or you can make use of colored hairspray to match your hair with the color of the body.

For your little boy, dress him with a handmade costume of a cloudy sky. Like the first handmade dress, this costume requires few items and little time to make. The simplicity of the handmade dress will wow your neighbors’ kids. Materials you will be using to make this cloudy sky handmade dress are blue shirt and pants, hat, cotton balls, glue gun and blue body paint.

To make this handmade dress, you start with sticking cotton balls to the shirt and pants. Make sure that the cottons are fluffy similar to the clouds. Once the hot glue cool off, put on the handmade dress and paint exposed skin and the face with blue using the body paint. For the head dress, you can choose hat with cotton balls or you can just spray the hair with blue hairspray and sprinkled with powder for the effect.

Making handmade dress does not only bring out your creative side but it also brings the family a time together. Although the handmade costume ideas are simple what is important is your children will have a spooktacular evening.

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